The Eschool travel application is a cost effective, highly valuable and much needed mobile application meant for parents as well as school authorities. It aims at empowering the parents by assuring them of their child’s safety through the GPS tracking technology. Through this application, concerned parents can sit leisurely at home and monitor the real time location of their child’s school bus. Thus, they can be assured not only of their child’s location but, also of his safety and well-being through time to time alerts as to where and when the school bus has reached. Also, with the help of the easy monitoring and swift notification alerts parents can calculate the stipulated time needed for the bus to reach their stop and hence, accordingly plan the pickup of their child from the bus stop. The applications boasts of many other useful features too like- enabling bus drivers and parents have live chats, be well equipped with all emergency numbers, showing location of nearest clinic, hospital, police station and such needed amenities. Basically, this application links the parents with their child’s school bus and also with the school management and so, it is a wholesome school travel application that every responsible parent must use and advise other parents to use too.


The application aims to provide:

  1. Safer commutation to school.
  2. Clear and direct accountability of the child’s well-being.
  3. Happier & relieved parents.