Let Childhood Flourish

Children right from their birth are extremely dependent on their parents. They need their mom and dad for every little thing. Be it to feed them or clean them or dress them, children need their parents for everything. They truly never grow out of being the apple of their parents’ eyes!

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Parents try their level best to provide their children with desired education, schooling material and best of best clothes to wear. A parent in turn seeks some relief when the child is at school. But, never does a parent stop worrying, especially a mother. Yet, like every mother, she waits earnestly for her little one to return. She prays for his safe return. She waits on the bus stop before time just to not miss her child’s bus.


It is because she understands the fragility of life and human actions. She knows that danger and tragedy lurk right behind sunshine and she would never want to lose her child to them even if it is at her cost. It’s bleak, right?

So, why not bring an end to all this? Why not have more layers of protection for the child when he goes out braving such dangerous winds? Why not have more layers of comfort for oneself?

And, thus, with such a needed and noble cause in mind, Javin, a Tech Company has come up with one such inspirational product- eSchool Travel. It is available in mobile application form and aims to enhance protection of the children travelling in school vehicles.

The eSchool Travel mobile app allows parents to virtually track their child’s school bus through GPS tracking of the school bus driver’s smart phone. It is simplistic, futuristic and highly reliable. This school travel product is loaded with many other features too like, configured notification alerts, chat through messages; and it not only links the parents with their children but, it also brings together the school authorities closer to their bus drivers by providing them a virtual hub for their entire fleet of buses, access to which is shared via the internet.

All parents need to do is to do is- sit back, download the application and begin tracking or monitoring the school bus of their child through the app. They can set alarms for daily pick up and drop and configure a location on their route reaching which an alert will be sent to them. They can hence judge the time required by them to reach the bus stop; likewise for the school management.

It is truly hassle free, simple and truly brilliant! A must have for every responsible parent.

I suggest this application to everybody with a school going child irrespective of age and gender. Let’s ensure safer travel to school and protect childhood through the eSchool travel app!


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