Nurture Your Child

Nurturing a child involves a lot of tender love and care but, sometimes one needs to be extra thoughtful. A child’s mind is like the waves of the ocean, unpredictable and moving. The next time your child misbehaves or acts irrational, try these following tips to build a stronger relationship:

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– Take a deep breath and give a thought to the reason behind your child’s behaviour. Has he ever behaved liked this before? Is he doing this as a response to something he has experienced?

– Sit down and have a talk with him. Ask him what he thinks of your behaviour and whether he thinks you expect a lot from him. Remember, a heart to heart talk goes a long way.

– If he is being very rebellious, give him time to relax and assure him that you’ll always be there. Let him come to you. No point arguing over his mood.

– When he comes to talk, don’t go emotional but, rather talk to him with logic, analysing the small changes of his tone and yours.

– Don’t criticise him with phrases like, “See, I told you so.” “You deserved that!” “You never listened to me.” Avoid them and encourage him to go on and speak his heart out.

– While he speaks, never lose eye contact. Be genuinely interested and avoid picking any calls then.

– And, when you think, he is open to receiving opinion, then offer it and try engaging him with personal examples from your time or a movie/book example.

– Finally, end the discussion with a positive phrase of encouragement and tell him that you love him and that he’s your pride and you are most thankful to God for him.

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