Safer Schooling Through Safe Travel

Schooling- the most developmental phase of a child’s life, not only defines one’s intellect but, overall social personality. It’s guiding, directing and influential ways churn students to acquire good habits, optimum morale and a trustworthy character. It builds a student with education, discipline, punctuality, and a strong sense of belonging.

eSchool Travel download app| eSchool Travel mobile app | eSchool Travel mobile app download| Smartphone App for School | download eschooltravel mobile app

eSchool Travel download app| eSchool Travel mobile app | eSchool Travel mobile app download| Smartphone App for School | download eschooltravel mobile app

No wonder, school years are considered to be the best of the years by most people and with such greatness involved with schooling, it is of no doubt that every parent aspires to provide his child with world class education. They seek for one such school that stands tallest on all their parameters. They make sure to go and personally inspect the school before enrolling their kid and once done, the child is the school’s responsibility.

Don’t you think a lack can be identified here?

Didn’t the process finish too quickly?

Yes. It is true, after enrolment, the child becomes responsibility of the school and also that every school takes highest measures to ensure safety within the school premises. But, will disaster think twice before striking? Will disaster consider the difference between school premises and outside?
No. Such is Mother Nature and fate. One really can’t judge what is to happen next. One really can’t say… And, though, it is highly unlikely for such a thing to happen but, we should always be prepared and ready to face just about anything.

With this practical approach to living, Tech Company, Javin has developed one such product named Eschool Travel. The product is available in the form of a mobile application called the Eschool Travel mobile app. It aims to cater to all the worried sick parents by providing them a sense of relief and empowerment through the mobile application which allows GPS Tracking of their child’s school bus driver’s mobile phone. It thus, creates a virtual link between the parent and the child.

Javin does excellent execution of the IoT methodology through the creation of a useful school travel tool for parents. The mobile app not only connects parents with their child also connects the school authorities with their entire fleet of buses with just a single click. Thus, this virtual world creation of children, parents & school authorities is the gift of Javin to unleash a vital revolution in the field of education & schooling. It pledges- Safe To School… Safe to Home and also assures it through configured notification alerts and easy monitoring of the school buses via digital tracking and real time location assessment.

This mobile application aims to serve as the most handy school travel app for parents and school authorities through assuring safety through monitoring and tracking of the child’s school buses. It also takes pride in other unique features installed in it like- directory of emergency contact numbers and others.

To sum it all, the application, as compared to its reasonable price, the application has much more to offer than expected. I recommend Eschool travel mobile app highly and hope every responsible parent will take use of it.

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eSchool Travel download app | eSchool Travel mobile app |eSchool Travel mobile app download| Smartphone App for School | down

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