I Pledge To Lend My Child

It is without doubt that our children deserve utmost protection in this big world for though the world may not always turn out be bad but, as responsible parents we really can’t afford to take the risk. No cost is as expensive as our child’s wellbeing, right? We are ready to nurture him with blood & money beginning with assuring his safe travel to and from school through the eSchool Travel mobile app of Javin that with its GPS tracking feature and other unique features serves as an optimum companion for parents when their child is travelling in the school bus. Eschool travel pledges to assure safe to school… safe to home.

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On a more personal note, let’s all of us too pledge our children some other little titbits that will bring out the best in our child. Repeat after me- I pledge to lend my child:

An ear ever eager to hear his unchained laughter loud and soothing as a church bell.

Heart that will balm all of his fears and give wings to his sorrow to fly away.

A hand to support him whenever he’d fall and to help him jump across every puddle in the way.

The strongest of all chests to sing him to sleep with heartbeats of love, comfort and tenderness.

Bed time stories that will create a bridge for him to leap to unbound imagination & feelings beyond belief.

Soft daily kisses wishing him a good day and night to grow familiar with the power of a touch and care.

Open door like arms that won’t ever feel ashamed to fall down shut when he’s around.

Warming, blooming beauty to make his realise that he’s the most beautiful blossom in your garden of life.

Positive recreation and adventures to build his spirit to rise with hope beyond adversities.

Disciplinary education to evolve him from a being to a sensible human with wise intellect.

A friend for life in me to always know that home & contentment is never far for him.

Grounding spirit of thankfulness, gratitude & humbleness to treat one and all as equal.

And, finally, examples with proving proofs of acts of unconditional kindness, trust and loyalty of me.


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