A Mother’s Eye: Ever Watchful

A Mother's Eye Ever Watchful

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The relation of a mother & child is considered the most divine and the most connected one. Her role is placed right next to God’s and she, being a life giver is considered second to God. When a mother carries her child in her womb for nine months she hopes for nothing except good health & and an extremely protected environment for her newborn. With every passing day, she prays passionately for her young one’s bright future, undaunted success, safety & long life. She shields her child from every possible danger & threat. Her motherly love so fearless that even God doesn’t shy from bowing down to it. She nurtures her little one with sacrifice & immeasurable care, hoping just for one thing- a safe future & much love to enter his/her life.

Such is a mother’s devotion towards her child- indestructible, kind & everlasting. It offers her tiny bud the most secure environment to bloom, but, shame, as the bud grows, mothers have to let go of them to enable them to grow into confident & self sufficient individuals, beginning with schooling. And, though it does break her heart to be separated for her flesh, she endures it and encourages her little baby to do so too, sometimes luring with lollipops, sometimes with kisses and sometimes with tickles. But, she consoles herself with a vital understanding that only through schooling can a child’s future develop. Yet, one inherent fear always troubles her in the back of her mind- the safety of her child between home & school. She seeks a school nearest to home but, her fear doesn’t end. With time, she comes to believe that nothing wrong will happen to her child, until it does.

A school bus despite having the best of driver employed, despite having a full proof secure route, despite having all safety matters resolved, can, when disaster strikes turn into a nightmare for the children. Not just a physical nightmare, it can be an emotional one too and don’t we all know that one nightmare takes thousands & thousands of happy moments to fade? Still it is never forgotten.
So, why should we let our children face the brunt of a few bad people? Why don’t we find a means to always be around our children? Of course, physically we cannot but, virtually we can through a simplistic smart phone mobile application of Javin named as Eschool travel. It aims to secure school-going children’s safety through GPS tracking and real time location monitoring of the school buses by the parents and the school authorities.

The Eschool travel mobile app empowers them to create a direct access link with the bus driver as & when required through live chats and the use of Internet-of-things methodology. And not only this, it also safeguards the parents’ peace through configured SMS alerts about the destination their child’s school bus has reached thus, providing parents with accurate leverage time to take planning their visit to the bus stop to pick their child in the afternoon. The application also boasts of other unique features like being a directory of SOS numbers and location access of the nearest police stations, hospitals, fire stations, etc.
Hence, this application serves as wholesome school travel tool for both the parents & the school authorities, so that never can a child be away from his mother’s protective eye. It promises safe to school… safe to home. Now mothers can simply sit at home and watch their kid travel to school through monitoring them through this mobile application.

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eSchool Travel download app | eSchool Travel mobile app |eSchool Travel mobile app download| Smartphone App for School | down

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