How safe is your child outside the school premises

When I was little, my mother would always talk to me, dressing me up, “Stick with your bus group and go straight into the school. Don’t stop to buy sweets from road side vendors near the school gate and don’t walk so slow that you miss the bus on the way back.” Every day, same talk and it would not end here, for she would even talk to the driver, “Please keep an eye on her. Make sure she is there in the bus when you begin to leave.” Did you have such a worrisome mother too? Yes, this scenario is really old. We didn’t really have proper bus system where a school teacher would ride with us all the way back. We had a few school buses and more of those private matadors/vans that would bear the brunt of the cops for overloading and use of private vehicle for commercial purposes and every day because re-routing we would reach late. I’ll call myself to be on the lucky side, for my brother had to ride on a shared auto. They are still around and so are private matadors and vans. Parents feel that their child will be bullied on the official school bus that will kids of all classes and some feel that a school bus will tire the child with long routes so, they can have a shorter and much comfortable route of their own with a few school children leaving nearby. Well, they are not wrong here but, such thinking did compromise on our security as none really knew about the whereabouts of the driver or did his background check. Same was the case for school buses, where despite having all checks done on the driver & conductor, not every bus would have a teacher riding along every day because sometimes they would take a leave or had to take extra classes. And, sometimes, due to miscommunication a child running late would miss the bus because someone from the back would shout that he knew that the child had extra classes and of course, who would then go inside check on him? Not every time, right? Thus, a child never really was a 100% percent safe outside school at all times. But, this was then, around 15 years back. The present scenario is different.

  • Schools make sure that no street vendor can lurk near the school premises.
  • Students ride only and only on the school buses
  • Buses have a riding teacher at all times
  • Head counting
  • Prior permission to send student with a relative
  • Submission of authorized letter for not riding the school bus for extra class or some school practice and so forth.


However, despite all these impressive amendments, a certain loophole still exists- What about the location of the bus stop? Not every bus stop is at eye distance from home…what about that? How can we assure our kids safety during that distance? Senior kids don’t like to have their mommies waiting for them at the stop and seriously, how long should mommies stand to pick their child? Traffic of the city speaks a language of its own. So, how can a school assure the parents that their child was safely dropped back at his/her bus stop?
Is there a way?

Yes, there is. Thanks to Javin and it revolutionary producteSchool Travel which is basically a GPS tracking app for school buses running in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. This smart eSchool Travel mobile app allows online tracking and monitoring of your child’s school bus by parents and school authorities to ensure- back to school…safe to home and also, sends configured notification alerts to parents. The applications boasts of many other useful features too like- enabling bus drivers and parents have live chats, be well equipped with all emergency numbers, showing location of nearest clinic, hospital, police station and such needed amenities. It is a wholesome school travel application that every responsible parent must use and advise other parents to use too.



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