For The Dear Mothers

Like most mothers, do you too always make it a point to take the number of your child’s school bus driver and then save it on speed dial? I know one such like you. She would always look for reasons to pick and drop her child by herself, and when one such day she could finally let her child travel in the school bus, she would constantly keep looking outside her main door, worried-sick about his/her safety. Believe me,anybody could easily guess she was silently controlling herself from ringing the school. Of course, letting go of one’s child can be hard on some mothers and yes, I agree that not every road or route is safe. But, hey, one cannot be God and have supervision over everything.

Turns out I was wrong, for thanks to the new age technology advances, one such development has taken place that allows one to create a network where one can fuse things with technology. It is termed as the Internet of technology. In a layman’s term, anybody can track/monitor anything from anywhere with the help of technology. Thus, there is a way to ensure one’s child’s safety and have safer travelling to school with the use of this technology, talking of which, brings me to the latest mobile application release of Eschool travel mobile app.

It is one such unique and innovative app that assures parents of their child’s safety by providing them a wholesome tool of tracking the school vehicle by getting data from the school driver’s GPS enabled mobile device. Access of it is then shared to the users of the applications via internet. So, in short, if the parent can track the school driver, then for sure it means the child is safe and sound. Thus, now, mothers won’t need to stand for long waiting for the school bus and can self-monitor the school vehicle to suitably make preparations for their child’s return from school.



And, speaking with experience, to top all this awesomeness, is the price of the mobile app which is very in budget. Thus, this amazing application is not only warming to one’s heart but, also to one’s pocket. It’s excellent, efficient and the quantity and quality of peace it gifts to parents is immeasurable.


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