Empower Your Child With A Shield Of His Own


Our children are not just a piece of our flesh & blood for the happiness and warmth they add in our life is untouchable and it is true that any of us would do anything to keep them protected and safe from any harm. But, a shame it is that we can’t be with our kids at all times. We need to leave them by themselves at school or at classes and sometimes at a friend’s birthday celebration. Even if it is for a little time, we must never forget that a disaster won’t ask for permission before striking. Hence, we and our children should be prepared and ready to face it.

Here are some handy tips brought to you by eSchool Travel app powered by JAVIN that will help your child cope in any uncomfortable situation:

Tip 1: Instill confidence in your child by making him/her recite their full name, parents’ name, home address, locality name and contact numbers; and teach them to use the mobile phone or landline phones for dialing your number.

Tip 2: Talk to your child daily looking out for any strange activity he experienced himself or around him during school or at tuition s.

Tip 3: Teach him/her to always take permission before leaving home or class to play and never to interact with unknown adults or accept any items- edible or not from any unknown outside home.

Tip 4: Introduce him/her to the neighbors of your colony and instruct him about which homes he/she can go to play.

Tip 5: Be a responsible parent by name tagging all your child’s items with permanent ink and stitching his name tag with address on the back of his school dress or a unique design on each of his socks or any clothing item, basically, anything that will lend ease in identification in the case of any misshapen.

Tip 6: Playfully make your child identify all surrounding buildings, shops and other landmarks in the form of a game to leave a long lasting impression on your child’s memory.

Tip 7: Guide him to shout ‘No’ and alert everyone whenever he feels strange with a touch or a slight caress of a stranger for they may be young but instincts not always go wrong.

We hope you agree with the tips detailed and we wish you will keep these in mind when nurturing your child. If you have some tips to suggest us, please do drop us a comment or you could find us at our eSchool Travel website!


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