It is without doubt that our children deserve utmost protection in this big world for though the world may not always turn out be bad but, as responsible parents we really can’t afford to take the risk. No cost is as expensive as our child’s wellbeing, right? We are ready to nurture him with blood & money beginning with assuring his safe travel to and from school through the eSchool Travel mobile app of Javin that with its GPS tracking feature and other unique features serves as an optimum companion for parents when their child is travelling in the school bus. Eschool travel pledges to assure safe to school… safe to home.

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On a more personal note, let’s all of us too pledge our children some other little titbits that will bring out the best in our child. Repeat after me- I pledge to lend my child:

An ear ever eager to hear his unchained laughter loud and soothing as a church bell.

Heart that will balm all of his fears and give wings to his sorrow to fly away.

A hand to support him whenever he’d fall and to help him jump across every puddle in the way.

The strongest of all chests to sing him to sleep with heartbeats of love, comfort and tenderness.

Bed time stories that will create a bridge for him to leap to unbound imagination & feelings beyond belief.

Soft daily kisses wishing him a good day and night to grow familiar with the power of a touch and care.

Open door like arms that won’t ever feel ashamed to fall down shut when he’s around.

Warming, blooming beauty to make his realise that he’s the most beautiful blossom in your garden of life.

Positive recreation and adventures to build his spirit to rise with hope beyond adversities.

Disciplinary education to evolve him from a being to a sensible human with wise intellect.

A friend for life in me to always know that home & contentment is never far for him.

Grounding spirit of thankfulness, gratitude & humbleness to treat one and all as equal.

And, finally, examples with proving proofs of acts of unconditional kindness, trust and loyalty of me.


School bus monitoring systems | Safety Tips for School Bus Drivers |school bus track | eschooltrvel Track GPS Vehicle Tracking

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A Mother's Eye Ever Watchful

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The relation of a mother & child is considered the most divine and the most connected one. Her role is placed right next to God’s and she, being a life giver is considered second to God. When a mother carries her child in her womb for nine months she hopes for nothing except good health & and an extremely protected environment for her newborn. With every passing day, she prays passionately for her young one’s bright future, undaunted success, safety & long life. She shields her child from every possible danger & threat. Her motherly love so fearless that even God doesn’t shy from bowing down to it. She nurtures her little one with sacrifice & immeasurable care, hoping just for one thing- a safe future & much love to enter his/her life.

Such is a mother’s devotion towards her child- indestructible, kind & everlasting. It offers her tiny bud the most secure environment to bloom, but, shame, as the bud grows, mothers have to let go of them to enable them to grow into confident & self sufficient individuals, beginning with schooling. And, though it does break her heart to be separated for her flesh, she endures it and encourages her little baby to do so too, sometimes luring with lollipops, sometimes with kisses and sometimes with tickles. But, she consoles herself with a vital understanding that only through schooling can a child’s future develop. Yet, one inherent fear always troubles her in the back of her mind- the safety of her child between home & school. She seeks a school nearest to home but, her fear doesn’t end. With time, she comes to believe that nothing wrong will happen to her child, until it does.

A school bus despite having the best of driver employed, despite having a full proof secure route, despite having all safety matters resolved, can, when disaster strikes turn into a nightmare for the children. Not just a physical nightmare, it can be an emotional one too and don’t we all know that one nightmare takes thousands & thousands of happy moments to fade? Still it is never forgotten.
So, why should we let our children face the brunt of a few bad people? Why don’t we find a means to always be around our children? Of course, physically we cannot but, virtually we can through a simplistic smart phone mobile application of Javin named as Eschool travel. It aims to secure school-going children’s safety through GPS tracking and real time location monitoring of the school buses by the parents and the school authorities.

The Eschool travel mobile app empowers them to create a direct access link with the bus driver as & when required through live chats and the use of Internet-of-things methodology. And not only this, it also safeguards the parents’ peace through configured SMS alerts about the destination their child’s school bus has reached thus, providing parents with accurate leverage time to take planning their visit to the bus stop to pick their child in the afternoon. The application also boasts of other unique features like being a directory of SOS numbers and location access of the nearest police stations, hospitals, fire stations, etc.
Hence, this application serves as wholesome school travel tool for both the parents & the school authorities, so that never can a child be away from his mother’s protective eye. It promises safe to school… safe to home. Now mothers can simply sit at home and watch their kid travel to school through monitoring them through this mobile application.

School bus monitoring systems | Safety Tips for School Bus Drivers |school bus track | eschooltrvel Track GPS Vehicle Tracking

eSchool Travel download app | eSchool Travel mobile app |eSchool Travel mobile app download| Smartphone App for School | down

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Like most mothers, do you too always make it a point to take the number of your child’s school bus driver and then save it on speed dial? I know one such like you. She would always look for reasons to pick and drop her child by herself, and when one such day she could finally let her child travel in the school bus, she would constantly keep looking outside her main door, worried-sick about his/her safety. Believe me,anybody could easily guess she was silently controlling herself from ringing the school. Of course, letting go of one’s child can be hard on some mothers and yes, I agree that not every road or route is safe. But, hey, one cannot be God and have supervision over everything.

Turns out I was wrong, for thanks to the new age technology advances, one such development has taken place that allows one to create a network where one can fuse things with technology. It is termed as the Internet of technology. In a layman’s term, anybody can track/monitor anything from anywhere with the help of technology. Thus, there is a way to ensure one’s child’s safety and have safer travelling to school with the use of this technology, talking of which, brings me to the latest mobile application release of Eschool travel mobile app.

It is one such unique and innovative app that assures parents of their child’s safety by providing them a wholesome tool of tracking the school vehicle by getting data from the school driver’s GPS enabled mobile device. Access of it is then shared to the users of the applications via internet. So, in short, if the parent can track the school driver, then for sure it means the child is safe and sound. Thus, now, mothers won’t need to stand for long waiting for the school bus and can self-monitor the school vehicle to suitably make preparations for their child’s return from school.



And, speaking with experience, to top all this awesomeness, is the price of the mobile app which is very in budget. Thus, this amazing application is not only warming to one’s heart but, also to one’s pocket. It’s excellent, efficient and the quantity and quality of peace it gifts to parents is immeasurable.


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When I was little, my mother would always talk to me, dressing me up, “Stick with your bus group and go straight into the school. Don’t stop to buy sweets from road side vendors near the school gate and don’t walk so slow that you miss the bus on the way back.” Every day, same talk and it would not end here, for she would even talk to the driver, “Please keep an eye on her. Make sure she is there in the bus when you begin to leave.” Did you have such a worrisome mother too? Yes, this scenario is really old. We didn’t really have proper bus system where a school teacher would ride with us all the way back. We had a few school buses and more of those private matadors/vans that would bear the brunt of the cops for overloading and use of private vehicle for commercial purposes and every day because re-routing we would reach late. I’ll call myself to be on the lucky side, for my brother had to ride on a shared auto. They are still around and so are private matadors and vans. Parents feel that their child will be bullied on the official school bus that will kids of all classes and some feel that a school bus will tire the child with long routes so, they can have a shorter and much comfortable route of their own with a few school children leaving nearby. Well, they are not wrong here but, such thinking did compromise on our security as none really knew about the whereabouts of the driver or did his background check. Same was the case for school buses, where despite having all checks done on the driver & conductor, not every bus would have a teacher riding along every day because sometimes they would take a leave or had to take extra classes. And, sometimes, due to miscommunication a child running late would miss the bus because someone from the back would shout that he knew that the child had extra classes and of course, who would then go inside check on him? Not every time, right? Thus, a child never really was a 100% percent safe outside school at all times. But, this was then, around 15 years back. The present scenario is different.

  • Schools make sure that no street vendor can lurk near the school premises.
  • Students ride only and only on the school buses
  • Buses have a riding teacher at all times
  • Head counting
  • Prior permission to send student with a relative
  • Submission of authorized letter for not riding the school bus for extra class or some school practice and so forth.


However, despite all these impressive amendments, a certain loophole still exists- What about the location of the bus stop? Not every bus stop is at eye distance from home…what about that? How can we assure our kids safety during that distance? Senior kids don’t like to have their mommies waiting for them at the stop and seriously, how long should mommies stand to pick their child? Traffic of the city speaks a language of its own. So, how can a school assure the parents that their child was safely dropped back at his/her bus stop?
Is there a way?

Yes, there is. Thanks to Javin and it revolutionary producteSchool Travel which is basically a GPS tracking app for school buses running in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. This smart eSchool Travel mobile app allows online tracking and monitoring of your child’s school bus by parents and school authorities to ensure- back to school…safe to home and also, sends configured notification alerts to parents. The applications boasts of many other useful features too like- enabling bus drivers and parents have live chats, be well equipped with all emergency numbers, showing location of nearest clinic, hospital, police station and such needed amenities. It is a wholesome school travel application that every responsible parent must use and advise other parents to use too.



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Our children are not just a piece of our flesh & blood for the happiness and warmth they add in our life is untouchable and it is true that any of us would do anything to keep them protected and safe from any harm. But, a shame it is that we can’t be with our kids at all times. We need to leave them by themselves at school or at classes and sometimes at a friend’s birthday celebration. Even if it is for a little time, we must never forget that a disaster won’t ask for permission before striking. Hence, we and our children should be prepared and ready to face it.

Here are some handy tips brought to you by eSchool Travel app powered by JAVIN that will help your child cope in any uncomfortable situation:

Tip 1: Instill confidence in your child by making him/her recite their full name, parents’ name, home address, locality name and contact numbers; and teach them to use the mobile phone or landline phones for dialing your number.

Tip 2: Talk to your child daily looking out for any strange activity he experienced himself or around him during school or at tuition s.

Tip 3: Teach him/her to always take permission before leaving home or class to play and never to interact with unknown adults or accept any items- edible or not from any unknown outside home.

Tip 4: Introduce him/her to the neighbors of your colony and instruct him about which homes he/she can go to play.

Tip 5: Be a responsible parent by name tagging all your child’s items with permanent ink and stitching his name tag with address on the back of his school dress or a unique design on each of his socks or any clothing item, basically, anything that will lend ease in identification in the case of any misshapen.

Tip 6: Playfully make your child identify all surrounding buildings, shops and other landmarks in the form of a game to leave a long lasting impression on your child’s memory.

Tip 7: Guide him to shout ‘No’ and alert everyone whenever he feels strange with a touch or a slight caress of a stranger for they may be young but instincts not always go wrong.

We hope you agree with the tips detailed and we wish you will keep these in mind when nurturing your child. If you have some tips to suggest us, please do drop us a comment or you could find us at our eSchool Travel website!


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